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Today I’m answering the question “What is the best thing that you routinely hear from clients, customers, or readers?” as part of One Woman Shop’s My Favorite Feedback series. Want to participate? Look over the guidelines on One Woman Shop by November 14!

do good work

I’d have to say that my absolute favorite client feedback always includes a success story. There’s something about seeing the results and vicariously feeling their excitement that inspires me to continue to come up with new and refreshing ways to help my fellow female-preneurs. And I love that they took the time to sit down and let me know how they’re doing.

Over the past 12 years of online business ownership, I’ve been the proud recipient of lots and lots of happy feedback emails. I save and cherish each and every grateful note, testimonial and piece of feedback that I get. Just the other day I was blessed with a most wonderful testament from a client I had just finished working with. Her note and sentiment is forever a reminder of why it’s so important to do your best work always. No exceptions.

Her original email (shared with permission) read: 

Hi Melissa,
I am ready to complete our work together. 
It’s been difficult for us as my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer recently. We are trying to make the necessary arrangements and get our life in order as they tell us he has about 6 months to live. 

Thanks to you and Jamie and Catherine, my Vintage Dooney business has really blossomed! While it’s not quite enough to make a living at yet, I am very encouraged that it will one day be just that! No words can express my gratitude for all you’ve done in making this a success for me. I tell every business owner who’s trying to get their web business going, to contact you. I am indebted to you, thank you- JoAnna
When I asked her if I could share her note to me, I received this reply:

I’d be honored to have you use my words, etc. Anything you want to use out of any of our emails, etc is just fine. I often relate how blessed I’ve been to have you helping me with this business to everyone who asks me how I’m doing. You see, I count you among my most cherished blessings in fact! You have given me the gift of spending the last weeks with my husband here at home. My sales are up and so are my rankings!

Sharing some “heart” words with you today which I’m feeling thanks to you!

  • sunlit
  • pizazz
  • wonderful
  • dazzling
  • delivered
  • deeply satisfying
  • dripping with appreciation
  • exceptional
  • happy
  • imaginative
  • inventive
  • jolly (almost-which is pretty good all things considered!)
  • joyous
  • revitalized

And THAT is why I do what I do every day. You cannot put a price tag on giving a fellow traveler the gift of confidence, possibility and potential.
From the smallest job to the largest project, I am grateful to all the women who trust me to help them with their business. And so I …

thank you